Maison Martin Margiela 「The Double Diamond」

The avant-garde French fashion house continues to push boundaries with its unique take on the traditional engagement ring. Consistently remodeling and putting a new twist on classic designs, Maison Martin Margiela focuses its attention in the ever-changing creative process of design rather than fixating on a single object. With its latest take on fine jewelry, the fashion house challenged conceptions of the classic engagement ring by re-working its Pompadour ring. While the spirit of the striking ring remains, the sapphires are replaced by an almost laser-cut split between two diamonds. An intriguing cut with a poetic touch, as two brilliant diamonds encircle your fingers.

鑽戒是求婚必備的神聖之物,而一向大展avant garde品牌風格的Maison Martin Margiela,又再次一洗傳統,為婚禮鍍上令人意外的時尚光芒。
Maison Martin Margiela的「The Double Diamond」,與一般的婚戒同樣由白金指環與閃耀鑽石組成,但焦點卻重新聚落於其精巧時尚的工藝設計上。沿用經典Pompadour指環的設計構思,將被喻為永恆的美鑽取替原有藍寶予人的冰冷貴氣,大膽地將鑽石以恰如laser-cut 的切割模式展示,兩顆鑽石的俐落切面平行相對,配合細緻的觸感,打破鑽戒的傳統演繹模式,為婚禮編起嶄新完美的樂章。

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