Get ready! Barbie Lagerfeld is arriving

Get ready! Barbie Lagerfeld is arriving at the end of the month!

Taking inspiration from the designer’s signature style, Barbie Lagerfeld is dressed in the designer’s likeness with accents taken from the real KARL LAGERFELD line. Borrowing from Karl’s iconic silhouette, the doll wears a tailored black jacket, white high-collared men’s shirt with French cuffs and black satin cravat finished off with fitted black jeans featuring the iconic all-over head print. The exclusive doll is adorned in accessories that include black fingerless gloves, sunglasses, black ankle boots and a black leather purse with silver metallic accents.

多年來同時縱横玩具界與時尚界的經典人物Barbie,自1959年來多次在身上套用知名的品牌造型,今年更以百分百的Karl Look歡慶55歲生日!Barbie將經典金髮染成銀白色,肌膚略顯蒼白,身上的合身剪裁西裝、法式翻邊袖口的高領男裝襯衫與黑緞領巾,搭配黑色緊身牛仔褲、黑色露指手套、墨鏡,以及銀色金屬裝飾等,BarbieLagerfeld絶對稱得上完美活現老佛爺形象。這款BarbieLagerfeld只會限量生產999隻,每隻訂價約為200美元,預計於9月29日起發售。




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