Dîner en Blanc in Hong Kong

This just in – Dîner en Blanc (DEB) will be happening in Hong Kong at the end of this year, and registration to be part of the exclusive event is now open. For those drawing a blank, DEB was created by Francois Pasquier in Paris over 25 years ago as an event for close friends and acquaintances. The premise: all guests are required to dress entirely head to toe in white, and meet at a secret location (only disclosed at the 11th hour) to partake in an elegant outdoor picnic. Diners are also required to bring their own tables, chairs and cutlery in addition to food and wine, all adhering to the white theme.

Essentially a food flash mob, the event has taken place in some of the city’s most iconic locations, including under the Eiffel Tower, on the Champs Elysees, and the Louvre pyramid. Place your bets on the secret location for Hong Kong now – will it be in West Kowloon, Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park, or Avenue of Stars? Or somewhere less obvious?

To snag an invite, you must know a member of the organisation or a guest who has attended a Dîner en Blanc event previously. However, registration to be on the waiting list is now open to newcomers.

To register, visit

Diner en Blanc (DEB) 將於今年年底在港舉行,並已開放登記參加。 如果未曾聽過的話,DEB 其實是一項25年前由 Francois Pasquier 在巴黎舉辦的活動,好讓親朋密友歡聚。前提是:所有賓客也需要從頭到腳穿上白色衣物 ,並於秘密地點集合(只會在最後一刻才公布),再出發到戶外野餐。賓客亦需要自行攜帶桌椅、餐具、食物及葡萄酒,全部也需要切合白色主題。


若要獲得邀請,你需要認識組織內的成員或曾經參加過的 Diner en Blanc 的人。不過,等候名單現已開放予新參加者登記。




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