Balenciaga’s new Cable handbag

Balenciaga’s new cable handbag, this leaner, meaner shopper tote with razor-thin straps. There is something about these industrial-inspired cable straps – tough in texture and dainty in scale – that feels so modern right now. Maybe it’s after years of plentiful heft and major width, or maybe it’s the cleverness of the material. Whatever it is, this palladium handle is really cool, and the tube that covers the top portion not only refines the look but protects the cable and your hands. Hardware is an area where Alexander Wang is particularly strong, where he proves to be inventive and consistently capable of thinking out of the box, and this tote just cements that fact.

Balenciaga推出由Alexander Wang設計的最新Cable手袋系列,並以設計師一向著重那實用與設計兼備的奢華運動風為創作靈感。CABLE手袋系列以簡潔的方形結構呈現,造型優雅,但亮點就落在以工業絲線交織而成的手柄之上,下面再配上刻有Balenciaga標誌的金色飾牌,設計創新獨特。物料方面則採用小牛皮、漆皮、鱷魚皮及海狸毛等高級素材打造,以達至奢華效果;另外亦有多個款式及大小以供選擇,切合各種日常需要。




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