Buy less, choose well and make it last – Vivienne Westwood

The notorious designer, known for her role as a political activist as well as her classic English punk style has managed to create an eco-friendly yet strongly influenced unisex line for her Autumn-Winter 14/15 Collection. This new Vivienne Westwood collection, are made out of a vegetable dye, and no, this does not mean it’s edible or you will smell like a garden flower. This is a natural dying process which uses licorice roots to treat the garments without using any chemical products. “Buy less, choose well and make it last”. Not only do you get a stylish garment, the possibility to share and/or steal from your other half’s closet, but you also take part in saving the planet while taking a stand, way to go Miss Westwood!

繼早前以北極環境生態的轉變為設計靈感打造的Anglomania秋冬系列之後,Vivienne Westwood 再於旗下Gold Label及MAN系列當中加入以植物染料染色的Vegetable Dye系列,以及可男女共用的Unisex系列,繼續宣揚Westwood所重視的環保理念。今季為Gold Label及MAN系列引入的Vegetable Dye植物染料針織品系列均經過特別處理,上面繡有Vivienne Westwood的手繪造型Orb星球標誌及「Vegetable Dye」字樣,讓穿著者知道該服裝乃天然染色而來。每件Vegetable Dye產品的紗線都以光果甘草(Liquorice)的根部以古法染色,達致沒有使用有害化學物的天然效果,而這更是第一及唯一一個得到Woolmark國際羊毛局全球認可的天然染色技術。環保問題,確實不容忽視。




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