Japanese Afternoon T-Set at Nobu

The InterContinental’s Japanese restaurant is bringing a new twist to the afternoon tea scene. Nobu’s new twist on the weekend ritual infuses its innovative new-style Japanese cuisine into a selection of umami and sweet Japanese delicacies served alongside fine Japanese Rishouen green teas or coffee. Umami offerings include a yuba bun, harumaki, Hokkaido cheese and tamagoyaki. Sugar cravings can be satisfied by a matcha waffle, mini dorayaki, and a warabi mochi.

The Simply T-Set is priced at HK$288 for one and $488 for two, and comes with either green tea or coffee. If you’d like a little more with your tea or coffee, opt for the Glassy T-Set, which comes with a choice of a signature Nobu cocktail for the price of HK$388 for one and HK$688 for two. If you’re more of a champagne drinker, order the Fizzy T-Set, which at HK$468 for one and HK$828 for two includes a glass of Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut.

The tea sets are available on Saturdays and Sundays from 2:30pm until 5pm.

洲際酒店的日本餐廳為下午茶風潮帶來新氣象,香港的下午茶很少走出「三層英國鬆餅、迷你三文治及糕餅」的框架,但是 Nobu 則另闢蹊徑,推出全新日式下午茶。

Nobu版本的全新周末下午茶,把創新的新派日式料理揉合進多款鮮甜精緻的美食當中,配以日式 Rishouen 綠茶或咖啡。鮮味美點包括 yuba bun、春卷、北海道芝士及玉子燒。嗜甜的客人可以品嚐抹茶窩夫、迷你銅鑼燒及蕨餅。

日式下午茶Simply T-Set價錢為每位港幣$288 及兩位港幣 $488,配搭綠茶或咖啡。如果不想喝綠茶或咖啡,可以點選 Glassy T-Set,價錢每位港幣$388或兩位港幣$688,選配一款招牌 Nobu雞尾酒。如果喜歡香檳,則可點選Fizzy T-Set,價錢為每位港幣 $468 或兩位港幣 $828,連一杯Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut。




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