Karlito mania is in full force!

The season’s latest must-have accessory: a small, furry, Fendi “bag bug” modeled in designer Karl Lagerfeld’s iconic likeness. The limited-edition keychain/charm, made of expensive mink and fox fur, was created as an homage to Lagerfeld, who’s been with the Italian label Fendi for more than four decades. It has his white hair, his trademark sunglasses, and his impeccably styled uniform of a high-collared shirt and tie—plus, an orange, pink, or blue ponytail. (If you’re lucky enough to get one, each cost USD$1,750, this limited-edition keychains are set to hit select Fendi in September).

本季最新的必備配件:一個小的,毛茸茸的,Fendi 以“毛蟲” 為藍本的迷你版Karl Lagerfeld。這款限量版鑰匙扣使用昂貴的貂皮和狐皮的,由Karl Lagerfeld設計及其合作了超過四十年的意大利品牌Fendi共同製作。它有一頭白髮,他的招牌墨鏡,和他那無可挑剔的高領襯衫和領帶,分別配上橙色,粉紅色或藍色的馬尾辮。 (如果你夠幸運得到一個,每只售價為$1,750美元這個限量版鑰匙扣將於9月在指定Fendi店發售)。




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