Kate Dreams for Stella McCartney

What does Kate Moss dream about? That was the question on Stella McCartney’s mind when she cast the iconic model in her Mert & Marcus-lensed Winter 2014 ad campaign, which debuted today. “Kate epitomizes the Stella McCartney woman and I wanted to capture her dreams and the moments we have shared over the years,” McCartney said of Moss, who has now appeared in her ad campaigns seven times. “I wanted to escape into something surreal this season, and fashion should make us dream, sometimes.” These particular dream-like images depict Moss inside zippered frames, which are surrounded by abstract landscapes of glaciers, forests, and the cosmos. The campaign will debut in the September issues of major international magazines. A short film titled Kate Dreams is set to follow.

Stella McCartney為旗下同名時裝品牌的2014年秋冬廣告,再次邀請了她的超模好友Kate Moss出鏡代言。廣告包括短片與宣傳照,均由著名攝影拍檔Mert Alas與Marcus Piggott執鏡拍攝。廣告短片名為「Kate Dreams」,以超現實風格呈現,靈感來自一系列鮮明、夢境般的色彩,還有設計師本人的強烈環保信念。新片的背景音樂由Fred Gibson所編,主角Kate Moss則於片段中被海洋、森林、星星等多種富戲劇性的背景襯托著,而品牌最新系列手袋及鞋履就從天而降,猶如雨水灑下!



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