Afternoon Tea at Four Season

The Lounge at the Four Seasons is one of our favourite spots for tea and, with head pastry chef Ringo Chan at the helm. The afternoon tea set is frequently updated with new creations, and to combat the heat of the season Chan has drawn inspiration from refreshing ingredients such as lychee, lime, passionfruit and lemon verbena to design his latest menu. The highlights included a shot glass of fresh lychee with lychee wine jelly and cremeux, with an osmanthus and lychee ‘sphere’ and sponge cake; coconut almond cake with fresh pineapple dice infused with vanilla; and shortbread cookies with lemon curd, white chocolate and lime mousse, and a mojito jelly. Some of the new ‘pass around’ snacks include a miniature French toast with apricot marmalade and maple syrup, caneles, and teapot-shaped macarons with lemon verbena buttercream.

In addition to the new afternoon tea items, Chan has introduced five new summer ice cream sundaes to The Lounge’s menu. Each delicately composed with attention to detail, included the Pandan Joy (pandan and coconut ice cream with miniature coconut and pumpkin pudding and sesame tuiles), Green Crush (vegan mojito granite, pressed melon salad and puff pastry sticks), and Summer Berries (blackberry twist gelato, raspberry cake, cassis meringue and berry tea jelly).

The sundaes are priced at HK$140 each and the afternoon tea at HK$260 for one and HK$495 for two.

四季酒店的 The Lounge 是我們其中一個享用下午茶的熱點。由糕餅總廚陳永雄師傅領航,現時供應的甜品是我們今個夏天多次光顧的原因之一。下午茶餐不時更新,更入創意食品。為迎接新一波的熱浪,陳師傅從清新的食材例如荔枝、青檸、熱情果及檸檬馬鞭草中獲取靈感設計其最新餐單。亮點美食包括子彈杯裝的鮮荔枝配荔枝葡萄酒啫喱及奶油,配以桂花及荔枝球及海綿蛋糕;椰子杏仁蛋糕配菠蘿粒雪呢嗱;牛油曲奇配檸檬凝乳、白巧克力及青檸蔥絲及莫希托啫哩。 另有全新的小食,包括迷你法式多士配杏子果醬及楓葉糖漿、可露麗及茶壺狀的馬卡龍配檸檬馬鞭草奶油糖霜。

除了下午茶的全新美食外,陳師傅還在 The Lounge 的餐單中加入了五款全新夏日雪糕新地。每款也經過細心預備,包括 Pandan Joy(班蘭葉及椰子雪糕配小椰子及南瓜布丁及芝麻薄脆餅)及 Green Crush (素莫希托 granite、蜜瓜沙津及酥餅條)及 Summer Berries (黑莓意大利雪糕、覆盆子蛋糕、 cassis meringue 及莓果茶啫哩)。




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