Bucket Bag, Summer’s IT Bag

Whether its follow the leader or a trend in its own right, it appears that the bucket bag is making a comeback. In the final collection by Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton he sent his models clutching their NN14 Noe bags. The Noe is one of Vuitton’s first iconic styles and to close the show with an updated version of it was a great send off. However, this is not the only brand that found a way to re-invent the Bucket or Drawstring bag, this was also found in a number of other collections this season that signal a great trend appearing.

記得以前最一開始接觸的 Bucket Bag 水桶包是來自 Louis Vuitton 的 Noe Bag,這款1932年就推出的經典包款,像水桶一般的大大包身兼具美觀和實用性,不管是肩背、斜背、或是掛在手臂上,都有著各自不同的風味。隨著時代的演進,更多的設計元素加入,有越來越多的品牌陸續推出不同風貌、不同大小的 Bucket Bag,從實用性的大水桶包,到小巧玲瓏的可愛 Bucket Bag,像購物籃的七彩外觀、或是加以點綴蘇穗、金環、甚或是特殊幾何圖騰的印第安風情,都是潮流達人鍾愛的包款之一。





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