A walk in Fashion with Mr.Men & Little Miss

Fashion Walk invited the father of chic toy figures, Michael Lau, to feature in the collaborative creation “A WALK IN FASHION by Michael Lau” summer campaign. In this fabulous campaign, Michael will introduce characters from the highly popular British book series “Mr. Men & Little Miss” into Hong Kong’s distinctive lifestyle destination. In addition, in order to fully celebrate summer together with Fashion Walk’s shoppers, Michael has created two new characters, “Little Miss Fashion” and “Mr. Walk”, who will make their Hong Kong debut when they join the Summer Music Street Party to be held at Fashion Walk.
Starting from June 21, every Saturday from 5pm to 7pm, Fashion Walk’s Food Street will host a “Little Miss Fashion Street Party”. Customers with any same-day spending receipt can enjoy free entry to the party. The fun will include “Little Miss Fashion and Mr. Walk” themed game booths, including Rainbow Toss and Football Tic Tac Toe. Popcorn, Coca-Cola, Hoegaarden beer* and vitaminwater® will also be served in the area. Shoppers spending a designated amount can redeem a limited edition “Fashion Walk and Mr. Men & Little Miss” umbrella and participate in the lucky draw.

銅鑼灣名店坊今個夏季邀請時尚人偶教父Michael Lau(劉建文)合作策劃「A WALK IN FASHION by Michael Lau」,帶領家傳戶曉的英國漫畫《Mr. Men & Little Miss》一眾主角,走進時尚購物區名店坊。Michael更特別為「Mr. Men & Little Miss」系列設計了兩位新成員Mr. Walk和Little Miss Fashion,率先在香港與市民見面,並參加夏日街頭時尚派對。由六月二十一日起逢星期六下午五時至七時,名店坊食街將舉行「Little Miss Fashion街頭派對」,顧客只需憑當日的消費單據,即可與Mr. Walk和Little Miss Fashion一同大玩主題遊戲,包括「擲彩虹」和「足球過三關」。現場更設有爆谷、可口可樂、比利時Hoegaarden白啤酒*、vitaminwater®等,讓顧客盡情享用。如顧客購物滿指定金額,即可換領限量版型格「名店坊 x Mr. Men & Little Miss」雨傘,更可參加幸運大抽獎,贏取豐富獎品。





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