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It all started by accident in 2011, when Russian photographer Murad Osmann’s girlfriend, tired of constantly waiting for him as he stopped to take pictures while on vacation in Barcelona, impatiently pulled his hand to get him to move forward. From behind her, he snapped a photo of it and forever immortalised the moment.

Today, Osmann’s “Follow Me” project features photos of his girlfriend, Natalia Zakharova, leading him by the hand through about 100 cities across the world, and it has drawn over a million followers on his account on online photo-sharing service Instagram.

Now, the Tourism Board has invited Osmann to take pictures of Hong Kong for his project to help promote the city. It is his second time in Hong Kong. A Tourism Board spokeswoman said it planned to invite more Russian celebrities to promote Hong Kong to their countrymen, who would find the city an ideal escape from their homeland’s harsh and unforgiving winters.

「女友拉着環遊世界」一系列靚相於社交網站Instagram紅爆,相中俄羅斯美女「影後」Natalia及攝影師男友Murad Osmann環遊到香港,在電車、古董船、萬佛寺等充滿香港特色的地方以拉手經典甫士取景留影。這對俄籍情侶應旅發局邀請來港,參與當局即將於俄羅斯推出的冬季宣傳。Murad Osmann透露,於一一年開始拍攝拉手系列相片,第一張攝於巴塞隆拿,當時Natalia正拉着他的手,叫他不要再拍照,Murad Osmann恰好拍下此經典時刻,然後開始了一系列世界各地同類照片。本身是時裝刊物編輯的Natalia今次帶了十一套靚衫替換。Murad Osmann最希望「把典型的地方拍到非典型」,除了旅發局安排的景點,他亦參考香港朋友的介紹,去了彩虹邨取景。一系列香港遊相片將於十一月上載至Murad Osmann的Instagram,準備於俄羅斯旅遊旺季做宣傳。Murad Osmann的專頁現有過百萬名追隨者(follower)。


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