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“Colorful, fun and highly original: clutches signed Les Petits Joueurs are just born from Maria Sole Checci mind and hands, Florentine designer and Parisian by adoption, which gave free rein to her creativity creating unique clutches. The designer has been inspired by some old bags to which she gave new life by changing their appearance with the addition of Lego bricks. An accessory born for passion and fun, now it has become the object of desire of many fashion addicted which have been fascinated and charmed by the right mix of fun and elegance.

Made with Lego bricks in a variety of colors and geometrical shapes, this collection is versatile and completely different from what is already on the market. These clutch can be defined as true artworks, that can give an extra touch to monochromatic or basic outfits, both for the night for the day, making them unique and original.

出生在佛羅倫斯的設計師 Maria Sole Cecchi 將從小喜愛的LEGO 樂高積木塊重新組裝在皮包上,意外地引發她的設計之路。Le Petits Joueurs 結合了時尚及鮮艷顏色的趣味性,品牌在巴黎創立但在決定創立品牌前,Mariasole Cecchi回到了佛羅倫斯,在這座蘊藏了諸多傳統手工藝的城市裡尋找自己需要的原材料:精心處理的皮革,手工切割的金屬零件,還有標誌性的樂高積木塊以及如何將它們牢固又不留痕跡地固定在包包上的方法。她覺得設計最重要的三點是:特別、繽紛多彩和實用。現在 Maria sole Cecchi 還是在意大利和巴西兩個國家間奔波(設計師已移居巴西),所有的包包依然都採用手工製作,不過她已經和樂高公司建立了官方的合作關係,樂高會按照她的需求提供特製的積木塊,而且從新系列開始,包包的製作地已從意大利遷到巴西,因為她已經能在巴西找到好的材料了。




The most casual footwear gets a high-fashion makeover by legendary Italian label Valentino Garavani. This is a reinterpretation of the classic flip-flops, characterized by the much-loved rockstud collection designed by Valentino and embellished with studs, neon effects, animalier and camouflage patterns print, designed for a summer full of character. These flip flops take both comfort and everyday luxury to new heights. Pack them into your suitcase for an upcoming exotic getaway.

Valentino與著名巴西膠拖鞋品牌Havaianas合作推出一系列高級豪華版沙灘拖鞋 “Valentino Garavani by Havaianas”。夏日將至,這次crossover想必會大受粉絲們歡迎。系列包括三款奢華Havaianas拖鞋款式:飾釘、迷彩圖案及鱷魚皮圖案。這幾款沙灘拖鞋兼顧舒適性又不失奢侈感,趕快把它們打包到你的行李箱準備下一次的旅遊去。


Follow Me To

It all started by accident in 2011, when Russian photographer Murad Osmann’s girlfriend, tired of constantly waiting for him as he stopped to take pictures while on vacation in Barcelona, impatiently pulled his hand to get him to move forward. From behind her, he snapped a photo of it and forever immortalised the moment.

Today, Osmann’s “Follow Me” project features photos of his girlfriend, Natalia Zakharova, leading him by the hand through about 100 cities across the world, and it has drawn over a million followers on his account on online photo-sharing service Instagram.

Now, the Tourism Board has invited Osmann to take pictures of Hong Kong for his project to help promote the city. It is his second time in Hong Kong. A Tourism Board spokeswoman said it planned to invite more Russian celebrities to promote Hong Kong to their countrymen, who would find the city an ideal escape from their homeland’s harsh and unforgiving winters.

「女友拉着環遊世界」一系列靚相於社交網站Instagram紅爆,相中俄羅斯美女「影後」Natalia及攝影師男友Murad Osmann環遊到香港,在電車、古董船、萬佛寺等充滿香港特色的地方以拉手經典甫士取景留影。這對俄籍情侶應旅發局邀請來港,參與當局即將於俄羅斯推出的冬季宣傳。Murad Osmann透露,於一一年開始拍攝拉手系列相片,第一張攝於巴塞隆拿,當時Natalia正拉着他的手,叫他不要再拍照,Murad Osmann恰好拍下此經典時刻,然後開始了一系列世界各地同類照片。本身是時裝刊物編輯的Natalia今次帶了十一套靚衫替換。Murad Osmann最希望「把典型的地方拍到非典型」,除了旅發局安排的景點,他亦參考香港朋友的介紹,去了彩虹邨取景。一系列香港遊相片將於十一月上載至Murad Osmann的Instagram,準備於俄羅斯旅遊旺季做宣傳。Murad Osmann的專頁現有過百萬名追隨者(follower)。


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1600 Pandas surprised Ming Gor

The 1600 Pandas surprised Ming Gor, “the charity guy” providing affordable lunchboxes to underprivileged people in Sham Shui Po, and showed big support to his charity work. 1600 Pandas also called for action for the public to cherish food and contribute to sustainability development.





MCM Kicks off Munchen Cute Monsters

The playful attitude of MCM takes center stage and invites soccer and fashion fans to engage in the brand’s joyful celebration. Featuring two pop art characters Viktor & Viktoria, as MCM’s monster mascots for the games, the collection of vividly animated bags, backpacks and small accessories make for the perfect luggage to accompany you this summer. Fusing Brazilian trademarks such as carnival, samba street performances, the country’s legendary beaches, striking modern architecture, and ever-present live music, the artworks reflect the jovial nature of the soccer-centric nation. The vivacious monsters are painted in the iconic greens and blues of the Brazilian flag, while their goggle-eyes pop out in print elements mixed with soccer themes such as the well-known black pentagons of the game’s famous ball.

MCM MUNCHEN CUTE MONSTERS系列散發著一派俏皮活潑的風格,為足球迷和時裝愛好者呈現出充滿MCM風情的無限歡樂,體驗巴西文化與世界盃精神的暢快感受。這一系列作品以兩個俏皮的原創公仔VIKTOR和VIKTORIA作為MCM的世界盃吉祥物,概念融入了巴西文化中最精彩的嘉年華風情、街頭森巴舞、迷人的海灘、壯麗的現代建築以及永恆的音樂等獨特元素,一展足球王國的熱情奔放。造型活潑的萌獸披上巴西國旗標誌用色,又將這全球賽事最具指標性的黑五邊形足球圖案演化為可愛雙眼,點畫出此系列的足球主題。限量版系列包括了不可或缺的MCM旅行配備,如BACKPACK、SHOPPER、POUCH、ZIPPED WALLET和PASSPORT HOLDER等等,促使MUNCHEN CUTE MONSTERS系列成為本季度旅行愛好者的頭號之選,同時可愛的萌獸設計充滿詼諧魅力,其風趣的圖案體現出世界盃的熱情,並與MCM的極富動感的旅行風格完美相融。







Bling it up!

Italian megablogger Chiara Ferragni 2014 fall winter collection is available now! Check out the new collection at our shop.

意大利著名部落客Chiara Ferragni 2014新款秋冬系列率先登陸本店,除了大熱的eyes flirt(眨眼睛)及Make up(口紅咀唇)換上全新顏色外,還有以Hollywood為主題的星星及字款設計閃片平底鞋,詳情請向店主查詢。

Screen shot 2014-06-08 at 下午01.31.46

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Screen shot 2014-06-08 at 下午01.31.33

A brand new

A brand new with more contents, fashion news and inspirations. Please stay tuned! And we hope the new Johzac can keep you company and, hopefully, excite you all. 以全新面貌登場,更多時尚新聞,潮流資訊,新款上架及創作靈感!


1600 Pandas world tour in Hong Kong

1600 Pandas world tour in Hong Kong
French artist Paulo Grangeon displays some of his 1,600 papier-mâché pandas at Hong Kong International Airport on Monday, June 9. The pandas are in Hong Kong in June as part of a years-long world tour. Grangeon created the panda project in 2008 in collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund to raise awareness for the endangered creatures. The sculptures represent the estimated 1,600 pandas that remain in the wild. The pandas will come in six different shapes and sizes, with four more one-of-a-kind paper mache versions specially created by Paulo Grangeon for Hong Kong. You are welcome to visit the pandas at 5 sites:

• Ma Wan Tung Wan Beach (12:00nn – 3:00pm, 10 June, Tuesday)
• Clock Tower at Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza, Tsim Sha Tsui (1:00pm – 4:00pm, 14 June, Saturday)
• Victoria Park (12:00nn – 2:00pm, 19 June, Thursday)
• Tram Touring (12:00nn – 3:00pm, 20 June, Friday)
• Statue Square, Central (8:00am – 10:00am, 21 June, Saturday)
• PMQ (10:00am – 8:00pm, 25 June – 17 July)

「1600 熊貓遊香港•創意 x 保育」巡迴展

6月10日 12:00-15:00 馬灣
6月14日 13:00-16:00 尖沙咀鐘樓

• 6月19日 12:00-14:00 維多利亞公園
6月20日 12:00-15:00 電車巡遊
6月21日 08:00-10:00 皇后像廣場

• 6月25日至7月17日 10:00-20:00 PMQ元創方


1600 pandas