A walk in Fashion with Mr.Men & Little Miss

Fashion Walk invited the father of chic toy figures, Michael Lau, to feature in the collaborative creation “A WALK IN FASHION by Michael Lau” summer campaign. In this fabulous campaign, Michael will introduce characters from the highly popular British book series “Mr. Men & Little Miss” into Hong Kong’s distinctive lifestyle destination. In addition, in order to fully celebrate summer together with Fashion Walk’s shoppers, Michael has created two new characters, “Little Miss Fashion” and “Mr. Walk”, who will make their Hong Kong debut when they join the Summer Music Street Party to be held at Fashion Walk.
Starting from June 21, every Saturday from 5pm to 7pm, Fashion Walk’s Food Street will host a “Little Miss Fashion Street Party”. Customers with any same-day spending receipt can enjoy free entry to the party. The fun will include “Little Miss Fashion and Mr. Walk” themed game booths, including Rainbow Toss and Football Tic Tac Toe. Popcorn, Coca-Cola, Hoegaarden beer* and vitaminwater® will also be served in the area. Shoppers spending a designated amount can redeem a limited edition “Fashion Walk and Mr. Men & Little Miss” umbrella and participate in the lucky draw.

銅鑼灣名店坊今個夏季邀請時尚人偶教父Michael Lau(劉建文)合作策劃「A WALK IN FASHION by Michael Lau」,帶領家傳戶曉的英國漫畫《Mr. Men & Little Miss》一眾主角,走進時尚購物區名店坊。Michael更特別為「Mr. Men & Little Miss」系列設計了兩位新成員Mr. Walk和Little Miss Fashion,率先在香港與市民見面,並參加夏日街頭時尚派對。由六月二十一日起逢星期六下午五時至七時,名店坊食街將舉行「Little Miss Fashion街頭派對」,顧客只需憑當日的消費單據,即可與Mr. Walk和Little Miss Fashion一同大玩主題遊戲,包括「擲彩虹」和「足球過三關」。現場更設有爆谷、可口可樂、比利時Hoegaarden白啤酒*、vitaminwater®等,讓顧客盡情享用。如顧客購物滿指定金額,即可換領限量版型格「名店坊 x Mr. Men & Little Miss」雨傘,更可參加幸運大抽獎,贏取豐富獎品。




“Harbour City x CRAIG & KARL” limited edition umbrella

Harbour City will launch a limited edition umbrella every year in collaboration with world-renowned designers. For example, Japanese arts teacher Yayoi Kusama designed red, white, yellow and black polka dot style and Mr. Yue signature laughing signs also a impressive character. This year will go to the famous artists and illustrators Craig Redman and Karl Maier designed two limited edition umbrellas. Inspired by the classic “big eyes” worked with MCM, the summer essential sunglasses pattern is bold, fun and eye-catching.

“Harbour City x CRAIG & KARL” limited edition umbrella redemption Details: 
 Date: 8-10 August 2014, Time: 12:00 to 10:00 (Please visit Harbour city for details)

海港城每年都與世界著名設計師合作,推出限量版雨傘,例如與日本著名藝術名師草間彌生設計的紅白、黃黑圓點花紋款式和岳敏君先生招牌的閉眼大笑的角色造形都令人印象深刻。今年海港城就請到國際知名藝術家及插畫師CRAIG REDMAN與KARL MAIER與商場合作,設計出兩款限量版雨傘。靈感來自於曾與MCM合作的經典「大眼晴」,融入夏日必備的太陽眼鏡圖案,以趣味十足和大膽的抽象形態演繹,為這個繽紛夏日添上奪目色彩。

「海港城 x CRAIG & KARL」限量版雨傘換領詳情:

時間: 中午12時至晩上10時




Mandarin Oriental x Chloé Exhibition

Mandarin Oriental will be presenting an exhibition in the Clipper Lounge throughout the summer months of artworks curated from Chloé’s fashion archives. The Chloé Moments exhibition will showcase the rise of the luxury brand since its early beginnings and in celebration guests of the hotel will enjoy some fantastic offers and a chance to take home a signature Chloé handbag.

The hotel will be offering a “Get Carried Away with Chloé” package, which includes a one-night stay in the hotel, limited edition Mini Baylee bag valued at HK$11,270, a welcome bottled of ‘R’ de Ruinart Champagne, a delightful afternoon tea for two in the Clipper Lounge, breakfast for two in the Clipper Lounge or Café Causette and a copy of the Chloé Attitudes book. The package starts at HK$16,500.

Looking for a slightly different afternoon tea experience? The Chloé Moments afternoon tea set is priced at HKD278 per person or HKD488 for two plus 10% service charge. Tea is available from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., Monday to Saturday, and from 3:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday. Guests can also enjoy the same tea set at Café Causette during the promotion period. Duration: 23 June to 31 August 2014.

由 2014 年 6 月 23 日至 8 月 31 日,為慶祝第一本介紹 Chloé 品牌發展史的書冊《Chloé Attitudes》出版,香港文華東方酒店 Clipper Lounge 快船廊將舉行「Chloé Moments」藝術展覽,當中將展出一系列獨家珍藏設計圖及相片。

同時間酒店將推出「Get Carried Away with Chloé」尊尚住宿計劃讓賓客體驗酒店豪華住宿之餘,更可一邊欣賞珍貴藝術展品、一邊細味以Chloé為創作靈感的特色下午茶,以及帶走最新推出的Chloé手袋,價錢由 $16,500 起:包括一晚海景客房住宿、Chloé限量版黃色及米色迷你Baylee手袋,價值 $11,270、「Chloé Moments」二人特色下午茶、《Chloé Attitudes》書冊一本、迎賓‘R’ de Ruinart香檳一枝及豐富二人早餐。

「Chloé Moments」藝術展覽為創作靈感的下午茶 (每位 $278 或每兩位 $488)。而每位享用 「Chloé Moments」特色下午茶的賓客更可到太子大廈的 Chloé 專門店換領精美紀念品一份,更可參加抽獎,當中禮遇包括香港文華東方酒店「Get Carried Away with Chloé」尊尚住宿計劃、文華髮廊的手部及足部護理、酒店經典英式下午茶或《Chloé Attitudes》書冊。下午茶時間:星期一至六下午 3 時至 6 時以及星期日下午 3 時半至 6 時。




Follow Me To

It all started by accident in 2011, when Russian photographer Murad Osmann’s girlfriend, tired of constantly waiting for him as he stopped to take pictures while on vacation in Barcelona, impatiently pulled his hand to get him to move forward. From behind her, he snapped a photo of it and forever immortalised the moment.

Today, Osmann’s “Follow Me” project features photos of his girlfriend, Natalia Zakharova, leading him by the hand through about 100 cities across the world, and it has drawn over a million followers on his account on online photo-sharing service Instagram.

Now, the Tourism Board has invited Osmann to take pictures of Hong Kong for his project to help promote the city. It is his second time in Hong Kong. A Tourism Board spokeswoman said it planned to invite more Russian celebrities to promote Hong Kong to their countrymen, who would find the city an ideal escape from their homeland’s harsh and unforgiving winters.

「女友拉着環遊世界」一系列靚相於社交網站Instagram紅爆,相中俄羅斯美女「影後」Natalia及攝影師男友Murad Osmann環遊到香港,在電車、古董船、萬佛寺等充滿香港特色的地方以拉手經典甫士取景留影。這對俄籍情侶應旅發局邀請來港,參與當局即將於俄羅斯推出的冬季宣傳。Murad Osmann透露,於一一年開始拍攝拉手系列相片,第一張攝於巴塞隆拿,當時Natalia正拉着他的手,叫他不要再拍照,Murad Osmann恰好拍下此經典時刻,然後開始了一系列世界各地同類照片。本身是時裝刊物編輯的Natalia今次帶了十一套靚衫替換。Murad Osmann最希望「把典型的地方拍到非典型」,除了旅發局安排的景點,他亦參考香港朋友的介紹,去了彩虹邨取景。一系列香港遊相片將於十一月上載至Murad Osmann的Instagram,準備於俄羅斯旅遊旺季做宣傳。Murad Osmann的專頁現有過百萬名追隨者(follower)。


Screen shot 2014-06-14 at 下午11.05.40

Screen shot 2014-06-14 at 下午11.05.26

Screen shot 2014-06-14 at 下午11.05.03

1600 Pandas surprised Ming Gor

The 1600 Pandas surprised Ming Gor, “the charity guy” providing affordable lunchboxes to underprivileged people in Sham Shui Po, and showed big support to his charity work. 1600 Pandas also called for action for the public to cherish food and contribute to sustainability development.





1600 Pandas world tour in Hong Kong

1600 Pandas world tour in Hong Kong
French artist Paulo Grangeon displays some of his 1,600 papier-mâché pandas at Hong Kong International Airport on Monday, June 9. The pandas are in Hong Kong in June as part of a years-long world tour. Grangeon created the panda project in 2008 in collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund to raise awareness for the endangered creatures. The sculptures represent the estimated 1,600 pandas that remain in the wild. The pandas will come in six different shapes and sizes, with four more one-of-a-kind paper mache versions specially created by Paulo Grangeon for Hong Kong. You are welcome to visit the pandas at 5 sites:

• Ma Wan Tung Wan Beach (12:00nn – 3:00pm, 10 June, Tuesday)
• Clock Tower at Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza, Tsim Sha Tsui (1:00pm – 4:00pm, 14 June, Saturday)
• Victoria Park (12:00nn – 2:00pm, 19 June, Thursday)
• Tram Touring (12:00nn – 3:00pm, 20 June, Friday)
• Statue Square, Central (8:00am – 10:00am, 21 June, Saturday)
• PMQ (10:00am – 8:00pm, 25 June – 17 July)

「1600 熊貓遊香港•創意 x 保育」巡迴展

6月10日 12:00-15:00 馬灣
6月14日 13:00-16:00 尖沙咀鐘樓

• 6月19日 12:00-14:00 維多利亞公園
6月20日 12:00-15:00 電車巡遊
6月21日 08:00-10:00 皇后像廣場

• 6月25日至7月17日 10:00-20:00 PMQ元創方


1600 pandas